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Life On The Atlanta Beltline

The BeltLine project aims to reconfigure the city of Atlanta to make it more walkable and more livable.

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Improving community spirit

The City of Atlanta has been known for its wide array of tourist attractions and places to visit, but its newest landmark project provides a highly essential topping on the cake. Welcome the Atlanta BeltLine!

As the largest and most expansive transportation project in the history of the city, the Atlanta Beltline aims to provide convenient access to public places such as parks and multi-use trails, and serves as a direct connector of several Atlanta neighborhoods. But unlike any other road or corridor in the U.S., the BeltLine is also designed as a worthwhile destination by itself.

What is the Atlanta BeltLine?

The monumental project brings the vision of a growing and sustainable Atlanta into reality. The BeltLine connects 45 neighborhoods in Atlanta, and provides avenues to reach public transportation easier. Upon completion, the BeltLine will become a sustainable economic gateway spanning 22 miles of rail transit, 33 miles of multi-use trails, 1,300 acres of park space, and about 5,600 housing units.

The Atlanta BeltLine grew out of a thesis by Ryan Gravel, a master’s degree student at Georgia Tech. From his idea sprung forth a well of support from city residents and local leaders who campaigned to convert Atlanta into a well-integrated network of public places with easy access to transportation, tourist spots, greenspaces and neighborhoods.

Where is the Atlanta BeltLine?

The Atlanta BeltLine is built upon the historic 22-mile railway corridor that serves as the city’s border. It’s safe to say that the BeltLine serves as the world’s gateway to the city of Atlanta through trails and transit connections.
The BeltLine goes through 45 intown neighborhoods across 10 subareas in order to bring these seemingly different areas into a single vision for the city.

Why is the Atlanta BeltLine important to the region?

The region of Atlanta has been on an upswing in terms of development, and the Atlanta BeltLine promises to boost the city’s growth. The BeltLine hinges on the concept of Transit Oriented Development by providing easy access between the city and the entire metropolitan Atlanta.

The BeltLine project will also bring in additional park land for the community, as well as exciting new transportation options to increase mobility and exchange of goods and information.

When will the Atlanta Beltline be completed?

The entire BeltLine project will span over two decades, but is already being completed in phases. In fact, the Atlanta BeltLine is already available for use by the public! Residents and tourists can now enjoy four trails that sew through several neighborhoods and in-town parks, as well as residential communities for those who want to live within the confines of the BeltLine.

How is the Atlanta Beltline being developed?

Roughly 3,000 acres of land is being developed by Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI), an entity created by Invest Atlanta to plan and implement the vision for the BeltLine project. The group is responsible for converting the vast underutilized area along the historic corridor into a bustling land that is open to redevelopment projects by public or private firms. Financial support for the Atlanta BeltLine project comes from government funding and private stakeholders.

Who is involved in the Atlanta BeltLine?

Aside from Atlanta BeltLine Inc. and its partners through the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, this project would not be made possible without the efforts of the people of Atlanta. Thousands of locals have invested time, money and effort to make this dream of a better Atlanta a reality.

The Atlanta BeltLine Project is an exciting opportunity for the city of Atlanta to become an urban development milestone not only for the region but also for the United States.