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Like its unofficial city motto says, there is plenty that’s “greater in Decatur”. It’s known for great restaurants, a variety of shopping, and a few local landmarks. It’s a very attractive locale for commuters because it has reasonable priced homes, and it’s located on the MARTA line. It also has the unique advantage of having small town charm while still being only 10 miles from downtown Atlanta.

An interesting tidbit about the history of Decatur and it’s relationship with Atlanta: In the early 1800’s, the Western and Atlantic Railroad wanted Decatur to be it’s southernmost stop. The citizens of Decatur, fearing pollution from both the railroad and the surge of people that would come with it, decided to decline the offer. The railroad found a new city to be it’s final stop in the south, a city that’s now known as Atlanta. Imagine how different things could have been.
What’s Unique About the Area
Decatur, first and foremost, is an area full of culture. If you have a hobby or interest, Decatur probably hosts a festival for it. Residents live very active lifestyles reflected in their business, schools, and leisure. At the heart of the city is Decatur Square. Located at the intersection of Clairemont and Ponce De Leon, this very walkable area is home to many amazing restaurants of varying cuisine, boutique shops, and great nightlife. Local music venue Eddie’s Attic, was a launch pad for great Atlanta artists such as The Indigo Girls and John Mayer. The beautiful campus of Agnes Scott is also located in Decatur. Unlike most of the other areas of Atlanta, Decatur is truly a city unto itself. It has its own government, its own downtown and, while part of Atlanta, it maintains a separate sense of city giving it a small-town feel amongst the largest city in the Southeast. Decatur is bordered by Oakhurst and Druid Hills.
Another benefit of Decatur is the wide variety of Architecture. All nestled together you will find everything from craftsman bungalows, Tudor homes, cottages, ranch, and condos.

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